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Residential Window Film

Are you tired of that annoying glare on the TV, but don’t want to darken the room with shades and blinds?

Do you have a stunning view but are tired of having to block it with blinds or shades because of the annoying heat, glare or potentially damaging UV rays?

We have just the solution.

Window Film for your Home is the perfect solution that will improve the look, feel and comfort of your biggest investment, your home.

​”Window film can stop more than 80% of solar energy coming through windows!” — IWFA

Film Solutions offers home owners all over Florida the best in home window tinting. From scheduling, to measurements, to selecting and installing the perfect film that fits your needs, Film Solutions is top notch. Our installers have years of experience working with state-of-the-art window films from the best home window tinting manufacturers in the world.

With our high quality window film installed by professionals and backed by a reliable warranty, you’ll never have to worry about faded furniture or annoying glare again!


Our Guarantee

Film Solutions only works with the industry’s best films so you can maximize the return on your investment. All commercial window film installations from Film Solutions come with a reliable manufacturers warranty that covers all of the following issues that occur with low quality window film. Cracking, peeling or bubbling in the films as we only use state-of-the-art window films. We’re confident in providing Florida high quality window film installations backed by our manufacturers warranty.


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Recommended by Skin Cancer Foundation

Home window tinting is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation in order to protect your home and family from the sun’s dangerous UV Rays. Have you ever lifted up a carpet to find that the hardwood flooring underneath is a completely different shade?

This is caused by UV Rays that have the power to fade anything from floors, to draperies, to precious artwork in your home. Home window tinting blocks the UV Rays from passing through your window, a crucial deterent for your home.

The graphic to the left shows how window film reflects solar and radiant heat off the window, allowing visible light to pass through.

Deterring solar heat allows your home to keep heat out during the summer, while keeping heat in during the winter. It’s estimated that window film saves the average home 20% on their peak season energy bill. Each months savings add up over time, which means the window film pays for itself! Average ROI for select films is 3 years.

Protect your home & save on energy costs by calling Film Solutions at 888-561-9958 today!


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